Digital Ad Expert continues expansion to MENA region offering courses in Arabic and French

Free digital advertising courses are now available for students in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Morocco and all of the MENA region

MENA Newswire: 11 October 2023. Aleph, which connects local and global advertisers with billions of consumers worldwide through digital media, is excited to announce that Digital Ad Expert by Aleph, a social initiative to create economic opportunities through digital advertising education, is now available in Arabic & French. The program was originally launched in MENA in April 2023 in English and Spanish.

Digital Ad Expert by Aleph aims to equip the next generation of digital marketers with premium, free skills-based education through its Digital Ad Expert Certificate program in countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria among other MENA countries, where there is vast opportunity for digital growth and a rise in demand for digital marketing talent.

The digital advertising landscape is a fast-developing industry, with high demand for experts. Digital Advertising spend alone in the MENA region reached $4.58B in 2021, nearly a full $1B increase on the previous year according to the IAB GCC. Growth in digital advertising reflects a growing shift towards digitizing economies in MENA. In the region, fully digitizing the economy would lead to a 46% increase in GDP per capita over 30 years – or in dollar terms, a long-term gain of $1.6 trillion, according to The World Bank.

The demand for digital skills remains high in the MENA region and Aleph’s Digital Ad Expert Certificate program accredits newcomers, with no prior experience, to effectively learn how to advertise on the world’s leading digital platforms. The program provides specific, in-depth knowledge of the major global advertising platforms including TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, 𝕏 (the platform formerly known as Twitter), and Meta, among others. To join, applicants simply need to register for free on   and complete the introductory course. The program is hosted on the same platform, which also offers updated content, best cases, and other valuable material for consultation, in addition to masterclasses by renowned experts from Aleph.

Gaston Taratuta, CEO of Aleph stated: “We are on a mission  to empower a new generation of global digital professionals. I want us to close the digital skills gap and certify as many people as we can to set them up for success in an ever evolving digital world. We owe it to the communities we are in. I believe that education is the only currency that never devaluates and through our platform, we are offering that currency to aspiring digital marketers and advertisers worldwide. They will have the access and knowledge they need to flourish in the digital era as we make digital advertising accessible to all.”

Already more than 280k students in over 140 countries have registered in the Digital Ad Expert by Aleph initiative, providing glowing reviews, averaging 9.2 points on a scale of 10. Ever since the launch back in April, the number of registered students from the MENAT region reached 45,124  from 14 countries. We have received more than 11,000 requests for the French language and more than 9,000 requests for the Arabic language and now with the launch of both languages we expect the number of registrations and certification to increase even more. Digital Ad Expert by Aleph also has alliances with several prominent universities in the region including American University in Dubai, The American University in Cairo, DGCI. The Knowledge Hub Universities among many others in the pipeline.