Major wheat crisis in Lebanon as wheat stocks to barely last 90 days

The Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, held a series of ministerial meetings at the Grand Serail. In this context, the PM met with Economy and Trade Minister, Amin Salam, to discuss the country’s food crisis, especially in light of the citizens’ mounting fear of a possible shortage of bread wheat in Lebanon.

Lebanion wheat crisis

Salam told Mikati that Lebanon only has enough wheat to last for a month or a month and a half at most. Moreover, he confirmed that the Council of Ministers also authorized the Directorate of Grains and Sugar Beets to purchase 50,000 tons of wheat from abroad in order to secure a reserve for another month. In spite of Salam’s hope that citizens would not panic, the situation is depressing. Meanwhile price manipulation by merchants and stakeholders is rampant.